Hi! I'm Yajayra

Welcome to my blog! I am a Latina lifestyle blogger based in Sunny Southern California. I am a Mom living in the Inland Empire along with my Husband, 4 kids and 2 adorable dogs. My life is chaos! Having a big family can be overwhelming but at the same time lots of fun.

I was born and raised in Southern California and could not picture myself living anywhere else. As a second generation Mexican trying to raise kids in California and still trying to past down my Mexican Culture is hard. I want to document ways that we can instill both cultures into our next generation. 

Along with finding ways to bring both cultures together we enjoy traveling, cooking, baking and party planning. Having a large family is never easy on the wallet, so I like to help others like me find affordable travel, cook meals and plan birthday parties all while on a budget. As this may sound impossible living in California, TRUST ME! it can be done. My family and I are always keeping busy with outings and trying to find the next fun location we can share with you all.

I am a full-time mom and student paving her way towards Law School. I never imagined myself to be a stay at home mom, that was not part of my plans. But after having my 4th baby my husband and I realized that it would be the best thing to do, to have at least one parent present full time to raise our little ones. It was not easy being a single income family, we have had our ups and downs. Which is what led me to become a full-time baker and supplement our income making cakes and all sorts of yummy treats. It was the best decision ever! It gave me joy seeing how I could create something special to add to someone's special day. Seeing the looks on my clients faces made all those long nights worth it. Although I was very successful in my cake making business I knew that it was time to start working towards my long time dream. Seeing my kids get older I wanted to teach them that with hard work anything is possible. So I decided to go back to school and work towards my dream of becoming a Lawyer. I obtained my Paralegal Certificate and knew from the first class that Law is where I was destined to be. So now I am a full-time student working towards my B.A. in Criminology and paving my path to Law School. All while raising my family and having fun. 

Although I am busy raising my kids and going to school we do find time to have fun. I believe in always bringing out that child within in you, because I want my kids to know that no matter how serious life gets we always need to find the good in everything! That is why you will always find us exploring our town and all over California for new adventures! With lots of coffee for Mommy and Daddy we are always on the go!

Are you ready to join in on our fun adventures?! 


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