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Baby #5! What Will It Be, A Senorita or Caballero?!

If you have followed my instagram I recently announced pregnancy number five, I never thought I would be announcing this but here we are!

The votes were in favor of another Caballero in the family and well.......


We are beyond the moon with this reveal! We actually found out early on in our pregnancy. Due to my age, I am considered high risk so I had to get some blood work done to make sure baby was okay and well..... with the blood work came the results. I wanted to wait and be surprised during the delivery, but my husband and kids were very impatient. See we were all rooting for another boy, it had been my husband's dream to have more than one boy so you can imagine his excitement along with my son. Of course we would not have been disappointed if it was a girl we just wanted a healthy baby, we love the baby unconditionally whether it was a boy or girl. Now to start shopping for the new arrival! My son already had us buy matching shoes and dont get me started on the clothes. He even kicked out his older sister from the room and said him and the baby will be sharing a room. He is excited to have a boy in the house to play with, aside from my husband. Although the age difference will be 9yrs, I know eventually the gap will fill in.

What are your thoughts on waiting until delivery to find out gender? I know it is more common to find out gender before hand. I like to be surprised, but I also hate surprises if that makes any sense. For my third daughter my husband found out but I waited until delivery day, to be honest he kind of hinted too much that I already kind of knew what the baby was going to be. For all my other kids we found out before hand, again my husband didn't want to wait. I guess it also worked out because we were able to prepare better for their arrival. Do you think it helps to be better prepared by finding out the gender before baby is born?

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