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Finally! My Craftroom!

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

What mom doesn't need her sane room? Somewhere she can just relax and gather her thoughts. Well, after enough request and crying from the kids I finally took over their playroom! Okay! Okay! I know it sounds cruel but it was either start a bug farm in that dirty room or give mom her sanity. Since I hate bugs my husband opted for my craftroom.

My Husband decided to do all the work ourselves, this way it would be much cheaper and wouldn't break the bank. We both enjoy doing projects around our house and we get to spend some alone time, because kids want nothing to do with helping out so they stick to playing in their rooms.

We started with priming the room and then painted it white. I opted for white, because this room gets great outdoor lighting that I knew it would be great lighting for all my picture taking. This room was green, we were going to go with a dinosaur theme for the kids playroom, but like most projects stopped at the paint and we never continued.

I'm not going to take full credit for the painting of this room. This man right here took on most of this room by himself, I helped a bit but he knows I hate painting. Growing up my mom owned some rental properties and well my siblings and I were always stuck helping her clean up the mess from her renters. I am grateful for this man who doesn't give me a hard time for it. I mean I do help, but it's on my terms which still counts as helping right?

What kid can't resist wanting to paint on a wall?! The only one who wanted to help.

Not too happy they couldn't help with the remodel.

I decided to add a little color to the room, so my husband suggested the inside of the windowsills to be a different color. I found this color on the clearance section at Home Depot, seafoam green. I loved it and knew it would go great with my décor!

After we finished with the paint we ripped out the carpet and installed wood flooring. Again, we decided to do it ourselves and save us some money. A huge Thank You to my friend Jesse, who gave us boxes of unused wood flooring. He saved us more money on that part, so all we needed to spend on was the plastic to lay on the floor and some time out of our day.

Growing up my mom taught me how to be handy around the house, from changing old faucets in the bathroom to unclogging the sinks. She taught me how to be independent and not rely on others for help when I am capable of doing any job. This is what I want to show my kids, that some hardwork pays off. I love the fact that my oldest is always interested in learning, so it was only fit that we have her help us install this wood flooring. She did an amazing job! It helped us finish this room faster than we expected.

It was nice to see her take pride in her work. After she was finished she looked around the room and said I helped do this, it was so easy!

The flooring is all finished and we couldn't be more happier with the outcome. It was so easy to install and we enjoyed spending some time with my oldest, just listening to music and talking to her about the importance of being able to do things for yourself. I am so happy I get to pass this on to my kids, that just because we are women doesn't mean that we can't do home projects on our own.

Here is my finished craftroom! My mom gifted me the desk from ikea, the carts to store my crafts are from MIchael's and the chairs again they were gifted from by my friend Jesse. Which I may add he custom made the white one in the corner to match my décor, yes he made it himself! This is exactly what I had envisioned my craftrroom to look like. This is where I can escape for a few hours and just craft and enjoy some me time, that is until the kids slowly one by one start making their way in here.

Hoped you enjoyed a small glimpsed on our playroom turned craftroom project! Leave a comment below with any questions you may have!

Have a Sweet Day!

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