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La Carreta Authentic Mexican Food

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Looking for an authentic Mexican restaurant? Look no more, I came across this little gem in East Los Angeles. The food was amazing and very authentic.

Living in California has it's perks, we have such diversity that we are able to find all varieties of restaurants from different cultures but to find the most authentic ones is hard. I have came across a few really amazing places to eat! When I crave Mexican food I go to my mom's house, you can't get more authentic Mexican food than that! When you are out and about running errands far from your mom's home you need to find a restaurant that reminds you home. This is when I came across this little gem.

While in East Los Angeles my family and I were hungry and we were all in the mood for some Mexican food. After asking around for any recommendations we were referred to this place La Carreta Restaurant, we were warned that it can be very busy as it's a small location and they have a lot of customers. Which is always a good sign! Let me just say that this is the cutest restaurant, it's small and very cozy makes you feel like you are at someone's home having dinner. The staff is amazing, super friendly and very inviting. I heard the owner is always there, she greats all her customers and makes everyone feel at home. This place has a variety of Mexican authentic dishes, you can see your food being cooked in the kitchen which I loved! Reminded me of home.

Chilaquiles Breakfast Plate

Looking at all the yummy dishes on the menu I could not decide what to order, I wanted everything! Since I knew I couldn't eat everything on the menu I decided to order the Chilaquiles. WOW! This dish was amazing!! The prices are very reasonable and they serve a lot. I have picky kids and loved that they also cater to kids with simple menus for them. Kiddos had scrambled eggs with ham with a side of beans with tortillas, we did not hear any fuzz about them not wanting to eat. We all enjoyed our breakfast without any arguing or fighting at the table, with four kids you all know it is impossible to have a quiet meal.

We hit the jack pot with this place, definitely did not disappoint. The wait was not too bad, the prices were very reasonable, the atmosphere was very cozy and the food was amazing. If you are in the area or want to take a little drive I definitely recommend you stop by and get yourself something to eat at La Carreta. I know my family and I can't wait to go back to La Carreta!

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