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Raising a family of 6

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Our home can be chaotic most of the time, who am I kidding it's chaos all the time! Filled with screams, crying, laughter but most importantly it is filled with lots love. It's not easy but somehow we manage to keep it all together.

Raising a big family is not easy and I always get asked how do you do it?! Well, I ask myself that question everyday. Growing up in a big family myself I remember how fun it was, I mean we had our normal fighting with siblings but that is normal right? I never wanted to have kids, I wanted to travel the world. God had other plans for me, he knew that I would need these beautiful babies in my life. I never imagined that I would have four kids and all so close in age.

It's funny how society has a stereotype of what a normal size family is, whenever someone ask "how many kids do you have?" and I respond with "four", their reaction made me feel bad for having such a big family. I always get "Wow! that's a big family" or "You have your hands full". I always tried to dodge that question as to how big our family was, just to avoid the typical response that would end up making feel ashamed. I will never forget the one day a total stranger surprised me with her response and made me feel good to tell everyone that yes, I have four kids! I was at a park in Hercules, Ca visiting my sister-in-law. There was a child playing by himself and my kids began to play with him, the childs mom looked so happy to see her child playing with my kids and how quickly my kids befriended him. As she looked on the lady looks over at me and says, are they all yours? I hesitantly said yes, to where she respond with "You are so lucky". I just looked at her and said "Thank you!", I was honestly shocked at her response to be honest I never thought about it as being lucky. At that moment I just looked on at my kids playing around and realized how lucky I was to be there mom. How lucky I was to have a big family. From that moment on whenever I get asked the same question I proudly say four kids, not that I was ashamed before but because I wanted to avoid hearing the same response from people. To be honest I am very blessed to have four beautiful healthy kids that call me mom everyday.

So how is it that I do it all? With lots of patients and planning. Sometimes it's hard to be patient, because kids are kids and get you to that point where you lose your patients. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have locked myself in the bathroom to cry. It's not easy raising tiny humans, they come with no manual or directions on how to raise them at each stage of their life. Somehow you just manage and figure things out as you go. We try to plan as much as we can, schedule things out weeks in advance. I just take it one day at time because the planning can change from one day to the next. I try to find time for myself as much as I can. It's not easy to do this because it's mom 24/7! The one thing I realized is that making time for myself and taking care of myself makes me a happier mom and things do run smoother around here. Taking time to myself never happened, the guilt would sink in and the worrying. Until I realized that it needed to stop and needed to enjoy my time away because I was with my family 24/7, that I had changed my whole life for them. My Best Friend helped me open my eyes to this and I thank him for setting me straight and making me realize that if I am not happy then no one is happy. I have heard this from many people, but I always thought to myself that this didn't apply to me. In all reality I was long overdue for some mommy time.

Raising a family is not easy, it will never get easy. What I can say is that raising a family of 6 is lots of fun filled with so much love, daily adventures and milestones. We always have laughter, crying and yelling but if I picture my life without a big family I would be bored. Having a quiet house is nice for a couple of hours but having a noisy home means everyone is happy and healthy. Makes me realize daily that although things may not be going right career wise or financially, that the Lord truly blessed my husband and I. We have nothing to complain as long as we are all together.

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