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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Creating simple and delicious recipes that my kids will eat! At the same time adding some Mexican flavor to them just like my grandma would make.

Mercadito De Los Angeles

I remember as I child my mom and grandma cooking all those #traditional #Mexican dishes. Till this day I can almost taste and smell all those delicious meals being prepared in my mom's kitchen. Tradition is big with my mom and grandmother, I remember my grandmother making those fresh flour tortillas in the morning for breakfast. Eating them fresh as they came off the comal (skillet) and her getting upset at us for taking them before they even made it to the table. My grandmother use to love showing me how to cook and I loved every minute of it. She always taught me that making traditional dishes for your family was important, to always greet your guest with some yummy food. If you ever came to visit you were guaranteed to be having dinner at our house, even if you weren't hungry. To my grandmother it meant that we showed our guest love through food. To be honest, my mother still does it till this day!

Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away in 2011 due to cancer. One of the most devastating years of my life, knowing that I would not be seeing her in that kitchen cooking her foods or saying a prayer for me as I was driving off, comforting me when I was sick or sad. Knowing that I would not be able to walk in that house ever again and give her the biggest hug ever. That my kids would not be able to grow up hearing their great grandmother talk about her stories in Mexico or scare them half to death talking about the llorona like she did my siblings and I. I am grateful that she helped raise my siblings and I, that I have those memories and traditions to pass on to my kids.

I have tried to recreate all of my mother's and grandmother's #recipes, but it is very hard to do when there was never any recipes that were written down or even measurements! Let me tell you a little bit about Mexican #cooking, not all Mexican cooking but the best Mexican cooking...…… there are NEVER any measurements used. It's all about tasting, using those taste buds. So when I called my mom to ask for her pozole recipe she replied with "you a handful salt, some California Chile, a few pounds of meat...." no actual measurements! Meaning I had to wing this recipe and figure it out. That's just what I did and I actually succeeded, tasted just like my mom made it. Like I said before tradition is big with my family, although my siblings and I have deviated a bit from it, being second generation it was hard to incorporate tradition like my mother did. As an adult now I realize that I do not want my kids to lose track of who they are and where their family came from. I want them to grow up being proud of who they are and continue passing down all the traditions I grew up with. I teach them as much as I can from our culture, where there grandparents came from and incorporate all the foods and traditional holidays.

Starting November 2nd we kick off our celebrations here with Dia De Los Muertos, which I will be posting all about the celebration and how we celebrate in our home soon. Every year we go El Mercado de Los Angeles or we call it El Mercadito. Here you will find all sorts of traditional Mexican foods, candy and clothing. My kids love it! It's a little taste of Mexico without having to cross the border. Here we buy our Buñuelos, a Mexican dessert used for Christmas dinners. They are big round flour tortilla looking, you fry them and when they are fully cooked you sprinkle them with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.

Prepackaged Buñuelo Tortillas

This is what the Buñuelo tortillas look like, they look like large flour tortillas but they are not. These are the smaller size, they sell bigger ones! They wouldn't fit in my frying pan so these small ones had to do. The only place I have found these uncooked Buñuelos to fry myself is El Mercadito. They come packaged flat raw dough, ready to just fry and eat as you please. Very inexpensive and only available during the months of November and December. I have had a hard time finding them during different times of the year.

Time to fry them! We use a potato smasher to put the tortilla down, this prevents it from creating big bubbles and keeps them flat. Once the bottom is looks cooked you flip it over and continue the process again.

All done! Now time to add the cinnamon sugar topping, a mixture off sugar and cinnamon, then enjoy as a yummy dessert. I also serve it for my kids with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the Buñuelo.

This is my favorite way to enjoy them, caramelized with a homemade piloncinllo caramel recipe. Piloncillo is not just brown sugar it's actually unrefined whole cane sugar. You can find piloncillo at any Mexican supermarkets and it's cooked with water to make the caramel.

Hope you all enjoy this Mexican Christmas dessert!

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